About Vilnius Decompression

A decompression party or decomp is a local gathering of Burning Man participants and those who are interested in Burner culture to share feelings, art, performances and memories. It is a perfect place for burners to help ease themselves back into everyday society after the “big Nevada event” and for newcomers to get some dusty flashbacks from playa. Decompression is about co-creation, community and people - it brings art, performances, workshops and music together.
Vilnius Decompression in Space is the first official regional Burning Man decomp event in Lithuania. It is run entirely by volunteers following the 10 core principles of Burning Man – self-expression, self-reliance, community, no commerce, leave no trace, participation, inclusion, gifting, co-operation and immediacy.  We all, including YOU, will create this party to escape the everyday reality exchanging it with a more interesting one.